Family Life

    Kamrul H Chowdhury was born on 1st Oct 1978 in Mirsharai upazila under Chittagong district. He is happily married to Rabita Khan, a business graduate and involved with her family business. They are blessed with one daughter namely Noor Doaa Chowdhury.


    His father was a founder member of Mohsin Girls College at Dualatepur in Khulna. Being a General Secretary of School Teacher Samity in Bangladesh during 1971, he played an important role as one of the coordinator of the great war of independence in the Dualatpur in Khulna & next in Mirsharai in Chittagong area.


    Even his mother was born in novel family but married with Non – Government High school teacher. And early aged she became mother of two sons. Her struggling life started after 3 years from marriage due to small earning of her husband as a school teacher. He stayed at Dulatatpur in Khulna after marriage. Once my maternal grandfather know about my mother family life since she doesn’t maintain family with two sons & husband. Her father bring back her from Khulna to his home.


    His Elder Brother name is Shah Imran Chowdhury (PSC) who served in Bangladesh Air Force and Retired as a Wing Commander. He was an BSc (Mechanical) Engineer & obtained MBA from Institute of Business Administration from Dhaka University & BSc (Mechanical) Engineer from KHUET formerly Khulan BIT.

    His Second Elder brother name is Nurul Anwar Chowdhuy. He is running Major in Bangladesh Army and he also BSc (Civil) Engineer from KHUET formerly Khulna BIT.

    His Third elder brother name is Md Sharif Uddin Chowdhuy (Shovon). He is doing business since 1996. He is proprietor of Munna Enterprise. He is a president of ICB Investment Forum. He also dedicated in Political, social, educational activities in our home upzila. He is now President of governing body of Mithanala Ramdual High School at Mithana union. He founded primary school & heath complex at our village situated in our own property. He also arranged Hajj for many religious people who unable to observe Hajj due to lake of finance. He involved in politics from his student life. Now he is a member of Thana Awami League. He is founder of Aynur Nahar Munna Foundation.

    His immediate younger brother name is MD Mehedi hasan Chowdhury who obtained Bachelor Degree in International Relation from Dhaka University and after that he completed Masters of Bank Management from BIBM. Now he is serving Bank Asia Ltd in Gulshan branch as FAVP

    His youngest brother name is Md Nazmul Hasan Chowdhury who obtained MBA from Dhaka University. After that he got European scholarship in Budhapest University in Hungry. Now he is serving as Branch manager in Brac EPl in Gulshan.

Student Life

  • Passed SSC examination from the Dualatput Mohsin High School 1993 and after that admitted renewed North Bengal BL College & HSC examination from Jessore board in 1995. He obtained MBA degree from Dhaka University.he is founder & life time member of DUMA (Dhaka University MBA Association).

    He obtained several prestigious awards in different seasonal competitions held at the district and divisional levels. He was simultaneously an organizer of and participator to different sports events. When he was student of class VI & VII, he played football.



    Kamrul H Chowdhury has been passionate about new Hi-tech and innovations. He was inspiring person to others, like one of his cousins M N Aftab Ripon was planning to start a distribution business during late 90’s but he inspired his cousin to be involved in ICT Sector as he realized that ICT would be the next thing where they would have their future.

    Also he started a cyber café (Yellow Cyber Cafe) for Dhaka University students during his student life. He tried “INTERNET FOR ALL” by this cyber café with fully equipped internet facilities.

    One of his inspiring quotes:



    He always thought his created brand will lead globally. He was preparing himself always to start a brand which will lead globally so that his idea will lead and represent Bangladesh to the world.


    He loves technology and thinks about it, the spirit of which always beckons him to feel its mysterious world. That’s why in modern era he started a unique concept with new ambition. This concept is "MIND.IDEA.SOLUTION."


    His dream project named “D SWISS” launched in 2004 & he was developing many wings of this project. Few wings of D SWISS already are on live & few are yet to be launched, mentioned below:


    “D GLOBAL” is providing ICT services by highly talented and dynamic people. Range of services provided by D Global includes Hardware & Software, Telecom & Network Solution, E-Commerce & M-Commerce, Digital & Online Marketing, Security & Banking solution, Online TV & Entertainment, Expert services on E-Courier, E-Health, Online training etc.


    “LAST BALL SIX” is an auction and E-Commerce platform having top quality brands verified by D SWISS

  • D MY DAY

    “D MY DAY” is an exclusive wing of D SWISS which will deal with lifestyle products under the brand of “D MY DAY” in E-commerce platform



    Another unique concept of D SWISS is “SMART E” Apps which has been made for new Entrepreneurs to help them to create idea by this software.


    “JIM N DELLA” is created with unique concept for soulmates to bring them together and share their life stories. It’s a matrimonial site where all users are authentic and verified. It’s a non-profitable wing of D SWISS


    Meanwhile he involved in several firms as a consultant since 2002 and also he had been exporting Agro Product to Middle East & Europe since 2008. In 2010 his career in finance was extremely lucrative with consultancy, export business and D SWISS project, but he chose to make a risky move into the nascent world of affiliation marketing. He quit his consultancy in 2010, moved to settle and targeted the untapped potential of affiliation marketing by founding GBAY LIMITED. By his different marketing concept, within one year GBAY IT became one of the popular affiliation marketing companies in Bangladesh. He left GBAY after one year and six months.


    On leaving GBAY, Kamrul H Chowdhury planned to move the USA in 2011 but he was committed to his fellows and thus he stayed in Bangladesh and started to work with a new sector here. Eventually he founded World Mission 21 Limited along with his three intimate friends. He was conspicuous in different co-curricular activities. He never works for result, he works for change. That’s why he is showing big result. Now World Mission 21 Limited is one of the largest global online market place. About 0.3 million people are involved with this market place globally. His leadership inspires & motivates a lot of new entrepreneurs. He proves his thought “ONE IS NOT ENOUGH” by this company.


    Inspired by the new thought “TOMORROW TODAY”, Kamrul H Chowdhury founded 21 ELECTRONICS LIMITED in 2014. Now 21 is a brand working with a unique mission, connecting people with upcoming technology. 21 is the fastest growing electrical and electronics Company in Bangladesh. His innovative products include feature phone, senior citizen mobile phone, unique featured power bank mobile phone, smart phone etc. He has developed the best quality major home appliances, small home appliances, kitchen appliances within short time which are BUET LAB certified first electronic products in Bangladesh. The establishment of 21 brand and its rapid growth bear the testimony of his excellence and sound leadership capabilities.


  • He attended a Young Entrepreneur seminar at Olympia Garden in London & represented the Young Entrepreneurs of South Asia.

    He is involved in SAARC Environmental Activities.

    He is the founder & life time member of DUMA (Dhaka University MBA Association).


    Founder member of Greenleaf Foundation.

    Founder of Global Edu.

    Visited Countries: India, Nepal, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, KSA, Hong Kong, China, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland and USA.

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